Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sand martin Bank at Potteric Carr YWT Nature Reserve - Update

Today -  8th April 2016, the new Sand martin Bank has been installed at Potteric Carr YWT Nature Reserve. It was a beautiful morning, full sunshine and I managed to take many photographs which I have whittled down to these in the interest of brevity.

 The tractor with the sand arrives first and the place for the new Sand martin bank marked out. 

The first sod dug out.

 Transferring materials.

Foundations in place. 

 One up and the next one ready .

 Sides on and fixed in place.

 The front securely attached.

 Next the top.....looking good.

 .....and the doors.
....securely screwed on....

Sand martin tunnels manoeuvred  into place.........

...........and filled with sand..........and what a job that is !!!

The new Sand martin Bank complete....... apart from 40 of the tunnels still to be filled with sand.  
I wanted to stay and help but the skies opened and I got completely soaked, to the skin........
But it was most definitely worth it. 
I know I will not be the only one watching for the first 
Sand martins to arrive and make it their home. I feel so 'chuffed' that I have helped do something so positive for my favourite nature reserve Potteric Carr.

Sheila M Bury, Volunteer Artist in Residence and Fundraiser, Potteric Carr YWT Nature Reserve, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK.

To see where it all started click the link.