Although I am a long time member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust my first visit to Potteric Carr was in 2011 when I did two small paintings from Decoy Marsh Hide. Over subsequent visits I became aware of the many varied scenes which were new to me as subjects for painting, also I had not realised that there were so many different ways of volunteering or indeed how much the Trust relied on volunteers and it occurred to me that here was something I could usefully get involved with and enjoy.  In February 2012 I was invited to have my work on exhibition and for sale in what was then the Low Ellers Junction Cafe, I subsequently became Volunteer Artist in Residence and fundraiser at Potteric Carr donating 50% percent of all sales to the Trust. 
I know very little about birds - another steep learning curve - but from the first time I heard the Bittern boom on Willow Marsh at Potteric I became intrigued, there is lots of information out there about these fascinating birds, and I thought I would like to help raise funds to purchase the Eels, its favourite food to put in the water at Potteric Carr. My proposal was that  in 2014 I donate four paintings, each to depict one of the four seasons at Potteric Carr, there would  be four raffles  over a twelve month period, each painting raffled will be appropriate for the season. For the benefit  of the Bitterns at Potteric Carr. 
The  2014  'Four Seasons Raffle'  raised £1803 to buy Eels which were put into the waters at Potteric, we now have Bitterns booming on the marsh again.
My paintings are now regularly displayed and for sale in the new visitor centre and
persons wishing to purchase any of my work, can pay,  either cash or card,  at the till in the shop.
For further information about any of my paintings please contact me by email....
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you will be encouraged to visit Potteric Carr
a beautiful nature reserve at any time of year.
Sheila Bury - Potteric Artist