Thursday, April 16, 2020

Garden Wildlife during Corvid 19 Social Isolation.

Social Isolation takes a bit of getting used to, so, I am spending quite a lot of time in my garden, watching for the wildlife, sketching and painting it, and sharing it on social media. Here are my four, most recent impressions.

'Collecting Nesting Materials'

'Queueing For the Feeders'

'Thirsty Squirrel'

'Weasel on the Old Bee Hive' 

Monday, April 13, 2020

Two Paintings I posted on Facebook on 11 April 2020

Two paintings illustrating some of the history around local villages which was being discussed on the "Don Gorge Community Group" facebook page on 11th April 2020.

"Boat Inn and Slipway"

"Boat Inn and Slipway"... watercolour and mix media which I painted in 2007 using photographs and information given me by Hugh Parkin.

The scene dates between 1884 and 1907, the years when the new railway was built through the Don Gorge, (Doncaster-Sheffield), Sprotbrough Bridge was built connecting Sprotbrough and Warmsworth, and the ferry across the River Don (above the falls) ceased running. The canal (sprotbrough cut) was straightened in 1907. 

"Dovecote at Barnburgh"
In 1988 I did a series of paintings of Barnburgh, one of which was this small watercolour/gouache of the Dovecote in the Hall gardens, owned at that time by the Coal Board, and, although in a state of disrepair I thought was very beautiful.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Blog during Social Isolation Covid 19 outbreak

I so miss being inspired by the beauty of the wildlife and landscape of our nature reserves. I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside at home and also have an interesting wildlife garden, so, I am sketching daily and painting what I see around me in this period of self isolation and will be posting my work regularly on this blog.

Feeding the birds.

Blackbird singing.

Update... A photograph of my mix media collection of paintings 
"Birds of Potteric Carr" 
which was on display in the cafe in the visitor centre at YWT Potteric Carr nature reserve for the month of November 2019, five paintings were sold.