Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Wildlife

I photographed this Jay in my garden around 6am this morning, I know its not a good photo, fact is I saw it, had the wrong lens on my camera, took a quick shot, changed the lens, and the Jay had gone. Thing is it the first time I have seen a Jay in the valley for a couple of years, which got me thinking!! You just never know when or if you are going to see it again so 'make a note' and I think the occasional addition to my blog is the perfect spot !!!

While I am at it, so to speak I might as well note one or two other things I hope to see again sometime.

Thrush singing from the top of a conifer, also early morning.

Wrens nest , she seems it have used a considerable length from a ball of garden twine which was on the shelf below the nest. There were seven fledglings but unfortunately I did not get a photograph.

Nuthatch, this was wintertime, now I have two which are regular visitors to my bird feeders.

Two Bees on a February Snowdrop

....and a seat by the Bluebells to enjoy it all.

Thank you for looking.

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