Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wood mouse and Foxgloves

Awoke this morning to a beautiful cool day with a slight breeze, just ideal for working in my garden which had become very overgrown with thistles, nettles and yards of goose-grass etc.
So, almost with 'first light' I set to with shears and all the garden tools so necessary for a good garden tidy up, and six hours later had a very respectable heap of stuff for composting.

 Paths and steps are now clear and hopefully I can get some good photographs, maybe even butterflies on the Buddleia.

Its good to be able to just enjoy the garden and not whittle about work that has to be done in it. At least not for a while!!

An added bonus today as I sat with a refreshing drink in the early afternoon sun, a Bullfinch visited the bird feeders and stayed quite a while, to be followed shortly afterwards by  a Wood mouse.

Almost as perfect as it gets!!!

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