Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just Morning Dew and Spider's webs.

It was very quiet when I took my morning walk down the riverbank, there was an early mist with the promise of some uninterrupted sunshine, just a few fishermen and hardly any traffic on the bridge.  

I had wellingtons on but I was getting very wet, there is just a footpath through the long grass this side of the river and it is a great pleasure usually to walk along it, but this morning was very special. The wild flowers and the views were off course very beautiful, but I was completely bowled over by the hundreds of spider webs on flowers and grasses, the dew sparkling like precious stones in the sunlight.

At this point I turned back ready for my breakfast, but I remembered............

 .............................. just a few metres past this fence there used to be kingfishers nesting in the bank.

Thank you for 'looking in"

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