Monday, October 15, 2012

A New Painting for Potteric.

There are many interesting subjects to paint at Potteric Carr,  beautiful views from the hides of wildlife, trees, water;  wide-angled views of Huxter Well Marsh (in planning);  the many pathways through woodland, light and shade -  the high path along Hawthorn Bank lined with silver birch and Willow Bank with marshy woodland on one side and open fields on the other, and perhaps the chance to see a roe deer or three.

Hawthorn Triangle , Mid March 2012 
(a view from the steps)

This is the first view I had of Hawthorn Triangle on one of my early walks familiarising myself with the reserve. It was a glorious day in mid March, the strong sunlight caught the extraordinary colour of the trees  and emphasised the light and shade in this beautiful space. There have been a few occasions since then that I have thought of painting it, when the orchids were in flower and later the teasles, sow thistles and butterflies. But this was 'a first view'  and will forever be the one I remember.

Thank you for looking in.

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