Thursday, November 1, 2012

Piper Marsh a Work in Progress

I have been a regular visitor at Potteric Carr since the beginning of this year, the views are varied and interesting, everything seem to be on 'speed' it all grows so fast, colours change almost overnight - although it helps if the sun is lighting up the landscape -  and the wildlife is simply stunning. I have painted some of it, and it has been a delight, my plan is to paint a lot more of it.  

View from Piper Marsh Hide -  a work in progress.

I started this painting of the view from Piper Marsh Hide way back in March, and as sometimes happens, I have so far been unable to finish it. Fairly small at around 19"x12"  I have realised that it need to be much bigger, so it is still a 'work in progress' !!!

The problem is what season to paint?  I loved the ochres and creamy browns of the reeds when I first saw them in March, and the various colours of the silver birch against a blue sky. and the wildflowers on the marshy islands in later months are also very beautiful.

 I have taken many photographs of wildlife I have seen from the hide. In April there were a number of families of Canada geese, they were very protective of their young.

In May I saw Kingfishers many times fishing from a branch by an island to the right of the hide.

On one occasion I counted nine herons !!

In July I took quite a few photos of grass snake on a pile of cut reeds on the bank to the right of the hide.

...and swans in the reeds and wild flowers on the island a few metres in front of the hide.

So in essence I don't really have any problem painting the view from Piper Marsh Hide, I just have to get on with it !!!!!

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